How would you hang this?

I started crocheting this would be blanket several years ago and lost steam on it. I don’t think I’ll ever finish making the full blanket so I was thinking it would make a great wall hanging but I’m not sure how to mount it. It’s about 40” wide at the widest part but as you can see, it tapers at the top. It’s made of some really bulky acrylic and weighs a bit over 2.5 lbs. Thoughts?


It’s really beautiful! Perhaps cut a piece of MDF, or a similar material, to the finished size and shape, adding some hanging hardware to the back, then attach the crochet piece to the front with upholstery tacks.

Alternative idea: creating another plain crochet piece the same size and shape, and stuff it to make a large floor cushion. :woman_shrugging:


Thank you! I like the idea of creating a frame to mount it to and then hang that on wall. Although a giant floor cushion does sound kind of amazing!


How about crocheting around a wooden pole (like they use in closets…)and then attaching the piece to that at the top…you can adjust the lengths of the attachments to hang the end pieces…it will be a bit of open space but I think it would look nice.

In other words, square up the corners …if it stretches, it might be best to mount it to some fabric on the back with a simple tacking stitch.

It really is beautiful!


The more I think about it, the more I think a full sized frame is probably the way to go. I was originally thinking attach it to a single pole but I think it would distort over time given the weight of the piece.

Current plan - have my husband make a skeleton frame to go behind it. Cover the frame with batting or neutral colored cotton (probably cotton since it’s woven and won’t stretch with the grain over time) and tack the piece to it every 2-3” across the entire piece. Mount the frame to the wall.


That sounds like the best plan!

I don’t have any more suggestions to offer, but WOW that is sooooo pretty! It will be a really lovely and striking piece for a wall. DANG!

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That’s really cool!
I’d baste it to fabric and put a casing on top to hang on a curtain rod mounted to the wall.

Putting the widest side on top will probably help keep it from curling.

You could make a smaller cushion by wrapping the outer edges around the sides.

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Pretty! (In out house it would become a lap blanket, but I like the idea of a full backing to mount it on.)

That is really pretty!
Perhaps you could make the frame out of PVC pipe and it would be a little lighter on your wall?

Beautiful piece!!

Definitely baste it to fabric, a good weight fabric like canvas, to stabilize the piece. The frame idea should work well!!