HP Nesting Dolls

We recently returned to working out of our office instead of from home and I needed something to occupy my hands during meetings. My brain brought me to a set of nesting dolls starting Hermione Granger and a pack of rogue Nifflers.

Not entirely happy with some of the details so I may go back in and make changes, but they certainly fulfill their purpose on my desk!


What a fun idea!

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so cute!

So cute!!! I’m currently re-reading the series

ak, these are adorable!!

The Nifflers are adorable! I love that they each have a different object. Is that the time turner? That could be a disaster! LOL!


Haha! Yes, that was my intention but my dexterity in painting small lines is not perfect.

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I could tell what it was instantly. Don’t doubt your skill. They are really cute. :blush:

The Nifflers!!! Squee!!!

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