HP Ornament Swap -Hedwig Owl

I angeled for @princessp in the HP Ornament Swap because I wanted to send her a Christmas card as well and figured I could make what she wanted, a little knitted Weasley sweater ornament…

But, as fate would have it, she got one from @edel! I, who knows very little about HP, had to scramble to find something I could make…I searched the internet and found loads of things but either was not into them or didn’t have the necessary supplies!

Then I saw HP carrying an owl…owls, I know how to make! Little did I know this one would take more time than I thought, and with the holiday mail scramble, ugh ugh ugh…

Anyway, it was not lost, so that is a good thing…here it is…I can finally close out 2020…all swap items here and abroad have been received!

You can’t tell, but the owl is on another layer of black felt because I decided at the last minute to add the envelope and a tail…


What a story! Those are some wise owl eyes! I really just like everything about this. There is so much attention to detail. I am so glad he arrived and that all your swaps finally reached their destinations!

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I love the stitching on the wings. Lovely job!

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I adore it SO much @AIMR :heart_eyes::star_struck:

It is simply the best!

Thank you Angel :innocent:

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Wow! Those eyes are very detailed. The whole thing is great… You did HP proud.

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That is beautiful. I love it

He’s so sweet! I love that you added the swap info on the little letter. So cute! And @endymion is right, you did HP proud! :grin:

You did a fantastic job! Perhaps you’ve absorbed HP knowledge and imagery over the years, from commenting on all the HP projects that get posted, because this looks like it could have been made by a mega-fan.

I have made a lot of things based on what I learned from your challenges and prompts…I am an HP fan by osmosis! lol

This is so sweet! You did a great job.

I would not steal that owls mail. He looks serious! It’s a wonderful ornament.

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The eyes are wonderful! And all the stitches!!!

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Your owl has so many great little details!

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