Huck Lace Linen Towels

After seeing the lovely woven towels posted yesterday, I remembered I had some lying about that only needed hemming. Since I had the day off and the sewing machine was already out, I hopped to it!

These were my first project using huck lace and a block layout. I’d planned them all to be the same, then got restless while I was weaving :joy:. The yarn is a 20/2 linen set at 20 epi. They fuzzed a bit when washed, but will hopefully hold up to use :crossed_fingers:t2:


Yay, more weavers! I love your towels! I haven’t been courageous enough to try linen yet. What loom are you using?

Thanks! And thanks for the inspiration to get them finished all the way :wink:.

I think this was the first warp on my new 8-shaft Baby Wolf (though I only used 5 of them for the project :woman_shrugging:). The linen was great to weave with, though I broke 3 warp strands getting it on the loom. I wound the warp quickly and I don’t think I was neat enough with it-- there ended up being an inch or two of length difference from one side to the other. I was warping front to back and the unevenness magnified as I wound on, causing tangles. Then I got impatient with it and cranked anyway, breaking a couple threads :roll_eyes:.

:thinking: Hmm, I don’t think I’m doing much to help combat linen anxiety :joy:. I really think it would have been fine if I’d been more patient with all the different bits while warping. The towels turned out lovely, so I’d say go for it if you’re interested!

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Lovely. Huck is one of my favorite structures.

I haven’t used linen yet, partly because cotton is less expensive, and partly because finishing it is so much more involved.

Your experience with it doesn’t sound any worse than experiences I sometimes have with cotton when I’m not as careful as I should be.

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Those are gorgeous! I’d be too nervous to use them because they’re so pretty. :slight_smile:

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So pretty!

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