Hurry Up Jewelry

My BIL and his family (which included his wife, her sister, four out of five sons, two of their wives, and six children) invited us down for a day at their beach rental in Ocean Isle, NC. We haven’t seen any of them (except my BIL) since 2006!

I decided that I needed some jewelry to wear with my outfit, so at the last minute, I made a bracelet and a pendant necklace. All from stash!

The bracelet was simple gold beads with a black seed bead between , strung on some memory wire. I just strung beads until they were gone.

The pendant was from miscellaneous beads and cords that I found in my jewelry making supplies:

The gratuitous action shot:

Sorry for the bad pics, but, I was in a hurry to get down to see them. It was a marvelous time, but a shock to see the nephews all grown men! Time flies…but, now a couple of the nephews are looking forward to visiting with us soon!


Very impressive for a last minute craft. Both pieces are lovely!

17 years is a long break between visits! How wonderful that you were all able to get together and even better that it has paved the way for additional future visits!

I love seeing your smiling face in the action shot. The necklace looks great on you!


I love the clean simplicity of that bracelet. It’s very classic-looking.


AIMR The Keeper of the Deepest Stash! Of course you could make two really finished pieces at the last minute! So nice you got to have a nice visit with all of these “long lost” family.


So what did you do this morning before your trip down … not much, just made my jewelry … :joy:


They really were a fast project! I work well under pressure…to be fair, I have had the beads in my stash for a while and knew what I wanted to make sort of, but just never made the time…nothing like a deadline to get you going! ha :joy:

I got to wear the jewelry out to dinner when we got home as well, so it was worth it!


Love these last minute treasures that don’t at all look last minute. Hope you had a wonderful time!

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they are both great but I love that bracelet.

The addition of that black bead in between the gold really makes the gold beads pop and look elegant. Great choice.
And the necklace is lovely. It looks great on you and complimented your outfit!


Wow, I love the necklace! Looks great on you, too.

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These are both lovely but the bracelet is my favorite.

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