Husbands Favorite Soup

So Mr. Snails LOVES broccoli cheese soup. It’s his all time fave, Tim Horton’s and Big Boy are his 2 favorite places to get it from. I’ve been working on getting a recipe he likes for at home. I found a good start of one on line a couple years ago. I’ve been making it non stop ever since!

So you start with some onions and a bit of butter. Brown the onions. In the same pot, add chicken stock. I’ve been making my own since you know, home FOREVER it seems! Any way this batch was taco chicken stock.

Cut up a bunch of potatoes, cook them in the chicken stock you just put into the pan with the browned onions.

While the potatoes are cooking, also in a different pot, be cooking the broccoli. I have used fresh and frozen, both with good results.

Shred a buttload of cheese. We like marble but cheddar would also work well.

After adding in the cheese to the soup while it’s hot, I use an immersion blender and whiz the snot out of it! Basically I go until there are no lumps of any veggies. You can of course leave it chunkier if you prefer.

This soup freezes well. Mr. Snails freezes it all the time and then takes it for lunches at work. I might have been stock piling a lot of things in the freezer for him for when I return to work. If you want more details about the soup let me know!


I made a soup with frozen broccoli and Velveeta last night. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

“Buttload” is a measurement we all understand! Metric, U.S.-it’s all the same!
And I whiz mine too, I prefer the smoothness to the chunkiness


This soup is also Mr. AIMR’s favorite!!

Thanks for sharing…I didn’t realize it was pretty simple to make! I plan on baking bread, so I think I will do some round bread bowls and surprise him! I know I have a buttload of cheese…:smiley:

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Bread bowls sound amazing!

You know buttload is a very technical measurement. Be sure to get it right! LOL

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