I ain't afraid of no ghost. (Maya)

I am so going to pay dearly for this, but I wanted to get it done before going to bed, heh. It’s really really really late.

Anyway, the characters/words are as follows.

I ain’t afraid of no ghost : mu xixi’ ta ch’ulelal : Characters used [ mu - xi - xi : ta - ch’u - le ].

It’s still kind of a daunting task writing Tzotzil with Yucatec and Ch’ol characters, but I think it’s coming along nicely.

I’d go into a long explanation about all this, but I’m tired. My back is trying to kill me, and my brain is toast, heh.


It looks FANTASTIC! Now go get some sleep. :laughing:

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I have no iea what you are talking about, but I love Slimer! Well, obviously, I am “Gozer”. LOL! He turned out fantastic. Your really running with the digital art.


Glyphs really are a bear, aren’t they? I’d love to learn this stuff and so I say, “Daaaay-um, dude!” Seriously, in my book, this rocks so hard!

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I can’t wait to learn more about where you’re going with this; it’s soooo cooool!

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What a juxtaposition! Ancient languages and an 80s Slimer! Super fun!

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