I knit something!

Knitting and I have a long and torturous history-blame the nuns.

Anyway as part of the great paper stash organisation 2020 I found this ball of yarn that I thought had walked with an ex-friend.

This was a skein I bought from someone from the deadplace at least 10 years ago. Because it’s just a gorgeous handspun yarn. Bear in mind, I loved it so much that I bought it, even though I don’t knit. Anyone recognise it? Did you spin it?

Inspired by @JoyfulClover and @AIMR and their knitting projects. I made a hat.

It needed to be a bit quirky. Took me three attempts to get the right number of stitches cast on (50) on size 7.5mm straight needles. It was basically an improv. I knit a rib for a couple of inches and then stocking stitch until it was long enough. I didn’t reduce it at all. Because my favourite hat is just a rectangle, so it gives the impression of ears.

The pompoms were my daughter’s idea. (She restrained me from adding three to each side)

Presenting my midsummer hat :grin:

I just love the random appearances of green and blue in this yarn.


That is VERY pretty!!! You did a much better job then I could with 2 sticks. I have tried and tried and 2 are confusing to me. I’ll stick to crochet with my 1 stick! LOL

Great job!!!


OMG! That seemed side makes me wanna SCREAM!! Look at those pops of color!!

This is utterly lovely. True blue.

That is what I love about handspun…quirky is what it is meant to be! I also love the rectangular hats because of the ears! Very cute…and to add pompoms…even more fun! Bless your daughter for not letting you go too far…ha ha ha ha…

Good job…and now, one more thing for you!

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Perfect amount of quirk! It makes me happy to look at it…

Yes! I’m thinking of adding something along the seam to make it the front, but I don’t know what?.

It’s awesome!

More Pom poms!

The other two in this house are agreed that moar pompoms are a bad thing.

Honestly, I would tear it out and knit it in the round. So you can wear the colors in the front.

I know it would take forever (shipping), but if you sent it, I would knit it for you. I’m doing one for @Magpie right now!

I will second this. Less poms.

For someone who just last week said she didn’t knit, this is a pretty great achievement! I love the yarn. Spinning is something I really need to learn.

It’s actually a pig to rip out because the yarn is so ‘hairy’ it knots.

Thank you for the offer (you’re soo sweet) I’ll figure out a quieter kind of focus rather than pompoms. Maybe a crocheted cable or something. Or some braids.

@Immaculata I can knit, I just dislike it. I’m far too impatient for it.

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It turned out great!

I think a knit cable, and then applied/stitched, would give it some excellent visual interest!

Great piece! I have always wished I could knit. I’m envious.

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Heck yeah you did! Well done darling. It’s adorable.