I love you in ASL

Just a quick little hop that I did a couple of weeks ago. I’m retiring in May and have every intention of making ASL my next language. :grin:


That is so cute! I love the loopy look of the middle fingers.


How are you already retirement age?! I often forget how long we’ve all been in each other’s lives. :crazy_face: Wow, if you pick up ASL you can go around translating across multiple languages as a retirement career at your leisure, which would be amazing. When you aren’t crafting, of course!


I’m 53 and was fortunate enough to start teaching earlier than most of my “more veteran” coworkers. They’re jealous that I get to retire this May, when they’re in their late 50’s with another couple of years left until they can do the same.

I haven’t figured out what I actually want to do with myself after May. The best part is that I don’t have to have a plan, at least not for a while. :slight_smile:


This is cute. Did you make up the design or find it somewhere. The loops are adorable.

I made the design. :slight_smile:


Even more impressive!

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It’s adorable and so creative! I love the different shades of pink/red. Maybe you’ll have to start making little embroidered pins with the design to wear when you’re fully fluent so everyone knows that you know ASL. :slight_smile:

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