I made bread

I got this book for Christmas. The shortest duration loaf took about 9 hours today. But it looks just like the cover and it tastes good. Tbh I’m not convinced that its any better than the regular no-knead loaf, but it’s good, and pretty.


It’s gorgeous! Sometimes I try not to think about how some methods take for things so I don’t cry. :upside_down_face:


It looks perfect!

That bread looks pretty fancy!

Wow! That’s pretty spiffy that you were able to make it look like the cover. How long do the longer breads take to make?

Oh! The man has this book on his wish list but I wanted The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day by Jeff Hertzberg. 9 hours is a VERY long time to spend making a loaf of bread, lol. Thank goodness it turned out so gorgeous.
Aside from duration of time, what do you think of the book, recommend it or no?

The longer breads take up to a few days.

While that one took 9 hours, it needed attention about 6 times during that time, only for 5-10 minutes each time, so it’s not time consuming per say, but you do need to go back to it at set intervals.

@Magpie it’s good in that it’s extremely detailed, he is very meticulous in describing everything that is happening the tiny details of the how and why. But while the loaf I made is delicious with a great snappy crust, it’s maybe only 5-10% better than the standard no-knead, overnight bread. But it’s only the first one I’ve tried. And it’s a “fast” bread! So it’s possible that the slower ones taste better. Tbh, I’d say get the book from the library first and see if he uses it much.


That is a beautiful loaf! I’m glad it’s delicious too.

Looks delicious!

That bread is beautiful!

Nom nom nom