I need Help Identifying a couple Vintage Glass Beads

Hey!! I have a few vintage glass beads that I got in a mixed box of estate jewelry and I dont know what they are! Any help you can provide would be amazing!!
They are rough/gritty when I rub them against my tooth, feels the same way a pearl does! Not sure if that helps or not!! And they are cold to the touch!


I can’t help you here but wanted to say Hi and call in @steiconi to see if she can shed some light…


The reddish pink ones look like coral. Very pretty! The dark beads might be black coral or something else.

I know laws have changed about coral, but I don’t know the deets.

A rough texture usually suggests stone or natural material. Glass, plastic, and resin tend to be smooth.

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Could be red jasper jade beads…

but coral and black agates were quite popular together in the 1950’s…my MIL had them in her jewelry box as well

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