I need help with (tiny) letterbox logbook ideas

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!

I’m in the process of rebuilding a letterbox that went missing. I have a tin just like the one that went missing so I need to construct a new logbook and a new stamp for it. I’ve got the stamp sorted I think. However, what’s stumping me at the moment is the logbook…

We’re talking small scale here:

I’ve made matchbook logbooks in the past, and also ones that fold out like an accordion.

I’ve decided I’ll use a medicine carton for the outside and I’m toying with the idea of using parts of the leaflet/insert for some pages, although the majority of the pages will be decent quality blank paper to write and stamp on. The whole thing is medicine themed, including the riddle to solve in order to find the box. I know I don’t want to use staples since I don’t want rust all over if someone decides to open and log the box in the rain…

Any ideas or good tutorials you can reccomend? I guess I’m an adventurous newbie when it comes to book making.

My instinct is a round accordion book. It could either attach to both lids, or the top of the book (page 1) could have a reinforced pull-tab so people take the lid off and then pull the pages out. Here’s an even tinier one that Nooo made: http://www.oopsicraftmypants.com/2012/06/wee-button-books-and-unique-crafters.html?m=1


Oh, I like that! It didn’t occur to me to mirror the tin shape in the logbook (or to fasten the book into the tin, hmmmm… :thinking:)

I just realized, if you’re including a stamp in there, you might need to do a semi-circle instead to allow space!

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yes! I had a very similar letterbox. A round tin with magnets. I made a circular logbook. I’ll look and see if I have any photos!

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The stamp will be pretty flat, so I think I’ll have room. It’s not frequently visited so I’m not going for a super thick logbook.

I’ve made miniature but fully useable notebooks/sketchpads by cutting down ‘fun sized’ notepads. If you cut it in such a way that you leave part of the binding intact along an edge it’ll stay together.


That’s a great idea! I’ll have to pass that along when I find geocaches like that.

I’m trying to think of the letterboxes that I’ve found accidentally while geocaching… and the letterbox hybrids that are out… hm… I’ve got nothing. Sorry I can’t help!

This is a super old post, but I’ve made these little accordion fold journals and they may work…l am happy to share the how to if needed, I wrote it up for a class;)

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Those are cute! They deserve their own thread if you feel up to it.

I ended up making a round book, but had to retire the letterbox after a few months since my replacement tin was much more prone to leaking than the original…

Oh, cool, I love the idea of a round book, it begs for a round little hobbit door cover…