I Repurposed A Thrift Store Sweater

I’m gonna set this down right into clothing since it started as clothing!

My partner in the 12 Days of Christmas swap likes pink, fingerless gloves, and bags I decided to try making fingerless gloves out of an old sweater, so I was pleased to find one that would work at a local thrift store. The gloves feel kinda wonky to me, but hopefully they will work for her

I used the sleeves for the gloves and then also decided to repurpose the rest of the sweater into a bag. I had the fleece lining in stash, as well as the coordinating pink fabric I used for straps. That was given to me years ago by a friend to use for bags.


Great choices!

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Oooh, great colors! Great idea to make both a bag and the gloves out of it, too.

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Cool AND resourceful! Win-win!

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The colors work wonderfully!!! How fun!

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These are great!