I swear this is the last one

Beachcomber tote


The print fabric was left over from another bag, and then the packaging from my car seat covers had a nice long zipper, but the fabric was falling apart, and I am really going to need a good bag for picking up pebbles on the beach…

The print is 2 pockets (one on each side), with a single long zipper going all the way around the bag, because why not. They’ll safely hold keys and phone. It has a cross-body strap for comfortable 'combing. It has a single snap at center, with decorative buttons on the outside.

Last year, I used a fabric grocery tote and worried about my keys falling out. The straps were too short, holding the bag up in my armpit. See, I NEEDED this!

…this is the one that used most of the print fabric. But it’s not a post-last one, because I made it yesterday. Already stuffed full.


Neat! I love how in using up scraps and leftovers, it automatically creates coordinating bags :blush:

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Love the bold print…and the zipper all around to secure everything inside!

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hubby just called me “bag lady.” Sigh.

You’ll be the most stylish beachcomber on the sand!

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How fun! I love that you were able to use your scraps to make such a nice tote! I hope your trip is off to a great start!

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Update from the road: I divided one pocket vertically to hold a water bottle upright, shortened the other to hold my cell phone (in a plastic bag) above the pebble line, and added a roll of fleece to pad the strap for when the pebbles add up to pounds of rock.

Next time I would make a waterproof phone pocket and add mesh at the bottom to let sand fall out.

The other bag is a little too small. I think I can add a gusset in black fabric to make it bigger. I bought some black fabric the other day…I think it’s in the far back wheelwell…