I want to make a Monopoly quilt

I just came across this quilt panel on Etsy. It made me chuckle and also think of your quilt. Have you had a chance to get started on it?


I have started cutting into all the collected fat quarters for the coloured property blocks, but still haven’t made a decision about the black border (I’m such a procrastinator). I also still have one colour to find.


I understand this all too well! I’m glad to hear that you’ve started with the cutting though, because I am definitely looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


Check out this video at about 5 minutes in. (It’s about how to make a stained glass quilt. ) She uses black fusible bias tape and then suggests sewing it in place with a twin needle. What a brilliant idea.


Thanks I’ll check this out!

Well if that hasn’t just made it look as easy as pie!

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions for this quilt. I think I had almost decided to go with narrow bias binding (because I knew what it was haha) but was putting it off because it felt like it was going to be fiddly.

But now that I have seen how easy the bias tape is (I didn’t manage to find any good videos, but my search words must have been no good or I just didn’t know what I was looking for), I am very tempted to go with it. I think I might even be able to do twin needle on my gran’s Necchi.

If I go this way, I will be able to make the propery blocks and join them all, before even worrying about the borders! Now to work out how much it will cost for the tape… I need quite a significant number of yards.

This place is so good for piquing inspiration when procrastination or a funk has set in!


Ask in the Use it or lose it thread!

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@ceep, thank you for sharing this! This tape looks to be just what I need for a project I’m working on!

@mellybelly81, I’m not sure on Australian prices, but it looks like Amazon is the cheapest place to get it here in the US. It’s about $12 for 11 yards (10 meters)

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How about this video?

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Thanks, that’s also really helpful!

Hey, any progress on this awesome idea?

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Its still on the cards, but other projects have come first…

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I bought that fusible bias tape from the video above and was pretty disappointed with it. It would not fuse to my project for anything. I tried gluing it down, but even that proved difficult. I stitched it down, but I can’t remember if I finally just pinned it down first or fed it through the machine as I went.

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