Use it or lose it! A sharing and caring gift-along

Artist - Iguana Mouth

~Hey friends, do you have excess stash you wish to part with?
~ Or maybe you have a project on the go that’s nearly complete and you don’t want to buy a whole yard or container of something you only need a tiny bit of to get the job done.
~ Perhaps you’re a beginner crafter looking to try something out without making a big commitment.

Whatever your story is, introduce yourself here along with a list/photos of items you have to give or things you’re looking to acquire. Names and list posts will be linked here, please keep your posts updated.

Message each other for addresses

This is not a swap! Lettuce Craft and myself take no responsibility if someone fails to send or delays sending anything. There are no “points” or swap credit.
This is meant to be a friendly gift-along, there’s no obligation or expectation of reciprocation, y’all are trusted to pay it forward in your life however that rolls out. It’d be real cool though if you showed off stuff you made with the help of your generous friends here, I know I want to see the goodies! :slight_smile:

Click the links below to find each participants list:


Please message me with your address if you’d anything from my list :slight_smile:

This is my stash I draw from regularly so I’m not looking to get rid of anything but I will happily share if you need something to finish a project & don’t want to have to buy a whole container etc.

I have lots of beads, need a few of some colour? Is there a shape you need? I might have it!

I have lots of 100% wool felt & small fabric pieces. Are you missing a bit of something to finish off a WIP? I might have it!

Are you missing a button or other finding? Looking for a certain shade of floss? I might have it!

Looking for: books, magazines, even cut out articles about stumpwork, book binding, and leatherwork. Any info re techniques or patterns for making book binding & leather working tools.
Canadian pennies!
Stationary/card sets.


Having just moved house and destashed, I have nothing to offer right now. But when I have more (and I’m sure I will) I’ll add it!

In search of:

•jewelry file (big ask, not expecting a miracle but I guess you never know)
•I collect funky buttons so they are always welcome
•anything that would be useful for miniatures, any scale
•mini perler beads. Like, the really super tiny ones, I think they are 3mm or something
•black Aida cloth
•Lite Brite pegs


Remember this is all FREE. You can ask for as much or as little as you like.

If you are interested in anything please send me a message along with your mailing address…



Currently busy with life…

Send me your address if you want anything I have to offer :slight_smile:

Stuff I have, ask if you want but expect delayyys!

Thing’s I’m 100% Happy to share:

  • masterboard pieces cut to approx. 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" (or smaller). Random or custom color(s) request.
    Gelli prints on misc paper:

    Texture & layers:

    I mostly do gelli prints right now but will try to make some more layered pieces soon too :slight_smile:

  • One thousand and one mini ATC size envelopes made from all the random papers (junk mail, kids books, other books etc) Here’s an example picture but you will get a random assortment of as many as I can stuff an envelope with :wink:

  • Stamp, cat in a coffee pot. New, just not my style. One of those cling kind that you use with a block thingy

Stickers and sticky stuff pictured below. For scale, the squares on my craft matt are 1":

Things I’d be happy to take off anyone’s hands are: Not right now, but maybe again later

  • postage stamps
  • word/phrases/quotes on paper or stickers (small enough for ATC art)
  • Cotton quilting fabric - at least big enough to make three diamonds that each fit into a 2 1/2" x 4" rectangle. I can get three from a strip that is 2 1/2" x 9 1/2". I’m not very picky on colors/prints but I’m not interested in characters/fandoms or animal prints for this project. You can stalk some fabric wishes on my pinterest or send me a snapshot :slightly_smiling_face: Each hexagon has three diamonds from two fabrics and six from an other. (This is for my English Paper Piecing Quilt… someday it will be finished :wink:) I’ll cut the diamonds and any extra fabric can be added to my also-to-finish-someday-crumb-quilt :sweat_smile:
Click here for some reference pictures and some examples of the hexagons they make.


Please PM me if you are interested in anything. If I don’t have your address, please send it to me with your request. Happy Mail people…I have your address!

lol Kinda like FB marketplace only LettuceCraft Market Space?

Lingerie/Costume/bra repair supplies–CLAIMED
Flannel fabrics–Claimed
Balsa Wood Pieces–CLAIMED

Novelty Yarn leftovers–CLAIMED 3 TIMES, but plenty more

I have bits and bobs of novelty yarns like eyelash yarns, etc. These are great for art pieces, prayer flags, etc. but I have way too much and will never be able to use it all…let me know if you prefer neutrals, like browns, creams, blacks or very colorful or a mix…I have a bunch of hand spun with different textures and sizes that would be great for weaving as well…and some sari yarns…name it and I might have it!

Knitting Looms–USA only due to shipping

I have three…plus the tool in a plastic case…no idea where the tiniest one went…there is one for an large adult size hat, child and regular adult…the baby one is missing

Crochet Thread
Thinner thread for doilies, earrings, cuffs, lace, etc.

Starting at upper left…
Aunt Lydia Crochet cotton, never opened, 300 yards,size 10
Brown cotton, almost full, over 400 yards, size 10
Cream cotton, never open, 150 yds, size 3–this is a thicker thread
Other colors are also size 10 and almost full
three little balls are raffia type yarns…I used them to make little baskets but there is still lots!
little black and little cream are tatting yarns…almost like a thin perle cotton…over 200 yards per ball
Take some, take them all…I don’t do small crochet or snowflakes anymore! ONLY BLUE AND PINK LEFT

Please note…I will take pictures this weekend of everything! I am purging!

Small Pieces of Fabric for eventual dream quilt

I am making a black, red, and white quilt. I need different cut pieces of each of these three colors. I am trying to get a variety. This is a long term project so if you happen to have smaller pieces from other projects, I would appreciate them. The way to do this correctly is to squint your eyes…you should see the first color first, example: white w/black…it should mostly be white…
All pieces have to be at least 2x3-1/2. This is my CUT SIZE, so any larger would be fine.

White w/ black -560 pieces total needed
Black w/white - 934 pieces total needed
Red with black or white but must be more red… 684 pieces total needed

I have about half of each group already…multiples are fine as well but not more than 20 of each is my goal.

Here are samples already cut

Images of Madonna with Child

I love iconic religious images and have been collecting these for some time. I prefer head shots and not full images. I collect from stamp size to about notecard size. They can be magazine images, Christmas cards, etc. They will be used to make shrines and boxes for a display of my collected paintings . They can be realistic or stylized. Contact me if you have any questions.


I want to slow stitch my jeans jacket but need bits and bobs of washable trim…looking for fancy ribbons scraps, ric rac, fringe, etc. Anything that will give a boho vibe to my jacket that I can stitch on by hand.



I live in Oregon, USA. I am willing to ship internationally, but ultimately it will depend on the shipping costs. Please message me with your address and I will drop it in the mail.

Things I have to offer:
4.5’ - 5/8” brown ribbon with white polka dots.

Glass beads (used 1 strand for a project).

12mm safety eyes - unopened pack of 6 & many 9mm safety eyes

6"x6" posterboard - 2 purples and 2 burnt orange


Earring hardware for pierced ears nickel-free (more than I will ever need - let me know how many you want)
PLEASE NOTE: earrings with back closure have been claimed. Plenty of the fish hooks though!

More to come…

Things I would love to receive:
• Susan Bates aluminum crochet hooks (mostly very large)

• Embroidery floss (I use for crochet and would prefer full skeins if possible. All colors welcome. Would love variegated ones.)

•Alcohol markers


It’s like a LC version of freecycle! :laughing:


(no things right now really-- ping me if you want c1960s+70s quilting fabric scraps or random old craft magazines, but a lot of those have gone elsewhere)


Watch this space for new items.


Reserving this as my spot!

Thanks @Magpie for starting this thread so quickly!

@susieoregon are you looking for regular 6-thread embroidery floss for crochet? If yes, wow, I’m impressed. Are you looking for a certain brand?

I don’t have a massive stash, but I certainly do have things I know I’ll never use. Most of them are in the “found this when I was clearing out my MIL’s attic” category. Sometimes I buy large bags of supplies in thrift stores.

If you are interested in something from this list, please message me with your address

Gone! :grin:


Yes! I have been using regular 6 strand DMC floss, but I’m not married to DMC. As long as it’s in good shape (not so old that it’s starting to split) I can use it!

Here are some things I have been crocheting:

I have ideas to make little colorful seahorses and turtle keychains and storm cloud bookmarks with a bolt of lightning instead of a rainbow.


Oooh I love those ! :heart_eyes:


That lettuce! :leafy_green: :hugs:

Bag making supplies - lobster clasps, o rings, d rings, zippers … anything along these lines, and even a very small amount, would be greatly appreciated. TIA :pray:t2:

Quilting cotton - 11 inch squares of Christmas themed quilting cotton for a special project. Thank you SO much to all of the generous LCers who have already sent me some.

Aida/Linen fabric - even small pieces, for embroidery projects

Joker playing cards - if you happen to have some lying around

Items to share:
Quilting cotton - I’m so proud of my beautiful fabric stash, I’ve been collecting for years :heart_eyes: I love that if I need to make something to someone’s tastes I’m bound to find something :relaxed: I normally only buy small pieces of fabric, so if you’re looking for a small amount of something in particular, please send me a message and I’m sure to find something to share with you.

6x6 Dinosaur paper destash: 15 pages of each, would prefer to send as one letter :slight_smile: the top one has a plain white background (it’s just a night time photo by a lamp)

Polaroid Quilt Blocks - (white border fabric, night time photo) 3 x veggies gone :ok_hand:t2:


It’s going in the shop the swap.


Ooh, I totally need some library catalog cards. :grin: My husband has his masters in library science, so we have a special place in our hearts for library ephemera here. :blush:


Oh-ho-HO, I can provide heartily in the area of library ephemera. :grin:


Oh, mercy. Look at this place already! We are lousy with supplies, lol.

I really hope people will add more request list so I can figure out what to offer first.


I added one thing :sweat_smile: With a :sparkles: fancy drop-down menu :sparkles: and :sparkles: pictures! :sparkles: (which apparently you’ll have to scroll up to see :wink:)


Would you prefer 3x9.5 inch rectangles, that way you have wiggle room?
I am more than happy to cut a piece of whatever I’m using (sans characters/fandoms or animal prints) and put it aside until I have enough to fill an envelope for you x

Also, super fancy formatting :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: