I Wish I Could Go into Space for the Rest of 2020

After seeing @geekgirl’s space piece from our Zoom meeting last week and also @calluna’s gorgeous orange and pink piece, I decided to keep playing with paint. I am getting ready to decorate my house for Halloween so I thought I would make something for our foyer.

It’s fun to just layer paint on with brushes and stencils until you are tired of it…lol


Love this and love the title. Me too.


Love how this came out!

Ooo…I love it!

What do you use for the white circles? Paint pen?

Love the sense of movement in this piece too! Great work.

The colors are beautiful.
I would keep this up on the wall all year round :smiley:

Thanks everyone…lol…I told Carlee that each time we do one of these art lessons, I end up buying supplies!

Yes, @Abbeeroad…it is a Sakura gel pen! I love them!

I love how you got such different results and mood with this one! (I love them both)
I’m assuming it isn’t a Sakura Gelly Roll gel pen, specifically? Because you have such better results here with your white ink than I’ve ever had with a white Gelly Roll, especially over paint!

It is exactly that! I bought a box of 12. I go through them pretty quickly. I have other white pens but I have had no luck with them at all…how odd!


I absolutely love this. Normally, I am not an orange girl but you may have swayed me. This sets such a mood. I always wished I could do abstract but it’s not how my mind works. The more I look at it, the more I LOVE it.

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This is a very dynamic piece. I love the title. I felt compelled to look for that alone. lol

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The colors are so rich!

I don’t have anything orange in my home decor but I wanted to do something for Halloween…it is in my foyer which is a mixed bag of colors…lol…anything goes…my husband likes it so it might stay up all year. I found that cheapo Michael’s metal frames work on these canvases…just pop out the glass…I used my last one so I have to get frames and canvases…even ugly art looks good framed…ha ha ha


I love it! and I love that you took that simple tutorial, expanded on it and are making decor for your house!

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lol might need to find space for my own art gallery soon…lol

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This is great! Perfect Halloween colors but really just excellent for fall! Even if you choose to make this a seasonal piece, it could be up from Sept till Christmas!

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Yes, I love the halloween vibe! Great job!

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Its gorgeous! The textures and colors just all spot-on

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Congrats! Your artwork is one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!


WOW! This is super cool looking!

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