Ice Cream Cone Box Card

I made this ice cream cone box card for our niece who has a birthday coming up.

It works like a classic box card to fold flat, but this one has decorative panels on each layer of the cone. I used two different embossing folders to make give it that classic ice-cream cone look.

The back has a sentiment made of a few different stamps.

I chose the colors for the ice cream based on this printed cardstock I chose for the envelope.

I don’t currently have a spot to leave my photo box set up, so I have been making do. Unfortunately, today is rainy and cloudy so the sun wasn’t helping me out. :woman_shrugging:

Cut with a Cricut Explore using files from


Super cute!

Thank you!

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Super cute! It looks life-sized, too!!

What a fun card! Very clever!

So sweet! You never fail to impress. I imagine family looks forward to opening one of your cards.

Thanks, everyone!

@Abbeeroad This particular niece once specifically mentioned loving the handmade cards! :blush:

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Yum, call McDonalds. They need this flavor!

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That is adorable!!!

Thanks, pals!