Iconic Visitor Cross Stitch

I’ve always been intrigued by medieval art, especially pieces with what look like UFOs. I also love skulls. So when I found this pattern I knew I had to stitch it. Pattern is from NightSpiritStudio on Etsy.


Definitely fun and weird. Isn’t it awesome when you find a pattern perfect for yourself and you don’t have to create one?
Also, welcome back!

this is fantastic!

Love the UFO touch

I love that design and your stitches look great!

NightSpiritStudio has some awesome patterns!! And this is FANTASTIC! Your stitches are perfection. Hard to do on black aida.

Also, glad to see you again!!

Thanks everyone!

very cool!

Hey welcome back! It’s a beautiful piece. Your stitches look perfect! :heart_eyes:

This is amazing! I am in awe of your patience to create this on black!

Super cool pattern perfectly stitched! Love the unexpected elements!

Oh my achin’ eyeballs! You’ve done an amazing job and I tip my hat to you doing this in such tiny stitches on black aida! :tophat: Night Spirit Studio has such cool patterns! I have done a few and really contemplated this one and the others like it, but I just can’t commit to it. BRAVO!

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It looks so good! And I’ll echo everyone else’s comments - black aida is hard! I wish it weren’t so bothersome because there are so many patterns that look FABULOUS on black aida…like yours!

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That’s really cool stitching, great job, looks so professional

:sparkles: :thread: :skull: Congratulations! Your Iconic Visitor Cross Stitch is a Featured Project this week! :skull: :thread: :sparkles:

Ooh! I remember studying a bunch of art with UFO’s in the background at school. I always found it so fascinating. LOVE this cross stitch! It’s incredible!

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You did a great job!

That’s so cool! fantastic work!

This is so cool! I just love it.