Ideas for a Tree Topper?

This is our first year with a tree! My partner got an expensive faux-tree as a “bonus” (tax-write-off) from his weirdo boss a few years ago. This year we have actual space for it. Lol. We only had three ornaments, 2 of which I made, so I made a bunch and we have (excluding the bumble stuffy shoved in there <3) 13. We aren’t Christian and are trying to have stuff that’s either vintage or somewhat less-Christmas theme. I want to make a tree topper but I don’t necessarily want a star. Any ideas for something?
Here’s our tree:

Half the ornaments were pre-made pompoms that I just tied loops on. Lol.


It looks great! I love the idea of pompoms in a tree.


We have three trees (sounds lavish, but two are small countertop ones) I’m not Christian either.

One has a Waldorf fairy that I made, one has a kinda kitschy jewelled starburst and the Harry potter tree has a winged gnome on top. You can put anything there! A star works well because of the shape, how about a felt (sparkly?) heart?

Pompoms are a great idea, we also have lots of felt hearts on our tree, they’re easy to cut and stitch while watching the tv- flat, rather than padded


I am still on the lookout for a vintage tree topper like this:

But in the mean time we have a plain red one (it was a gift). But you can put anything on top of a tree, last year a tree I saw had a leopard tree topper! I have a lot of animal ornaments - owls, foxes, robins. Or maybe a real pinecone.


On reddit/r/christmas just see picture of Xmas tree made from books & xmas lights.
You could make a tree topper of a book opened and inside some small Xmas lights.


We have a shooting star that I love. It’s store bought many years ago.


My mother always just made sure there was a christmas light at the top of the tree (tho, this was in the days of doing the lights yourself, so you may already have that built in.)


We have a pretty vintage looking Santa. When my dh and I were first married, we had a different one, but it suffered water damage from something, a snowglobe–I believe, and it took several years before we found this one on ebay. It is very close to our first.

(Although, this is very Christmas!)

My first thought for you was making one of your “weird animals”, like the fairy armadillo, maybe with a Santa hat, or idk.)


This is what I was thinking, too, if you want a mod vintage look. Or you could make a heart or an angel out of a doily if you want something more Victorian-looking. A snowflake or bird could also be pretty.

Congrats on your tree, @RagingSloth ! We got a similar one on super-sale because it had a broken limb.


I have used many different toppers, including…
a peacock (fake, the live ones make too much noise)
a druid doll
a fairy (sugarplum, of course)
Various vintage or vintage-style blown glass ball and point thingies
Velvet flowers
a stuffed animal
and last year, I made a folding paper star.

I’ve even seen pix of toppers made with china cups and dishes.

What do you like? Stick it on top of the tree.

If there’s no obvious way to attach an item-- like a stuffed animal–to the top of the tree, or if it’s too heavy, you can fasten a dowel to the back of the item with glue, stitches, ribbon, or whatever, then zip tie the dowel to the tree trunk.


If you cut a cone shape from paperboard or heavy cardstock, it can become the base/torso for any character or creature you like. After decorating it, then you just stick on the head and arms of your choosing.

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I have one of those and sometimes it even fits on the tree. I bought it when the kids were small because we had one when I was growing up. So it’s maybe 40 years old? Mom quit decorating a tree after my dad passed away. She would put the tree up, add lights and that’s all. Pretty and simple. Now she puts a fiber optic tree in her bay window and calls it Christmas. She’s over 90, she can do what she wants.

Ideas: Gilded pine cones wired in a bunch; more pompoms, maybe with glittery yarn or snowball like; felt or paper penguin or snowman, knit or crochet something wintery. OOO birds, a cardinal maybe.

Last couple of years I have used a pierced gold star about 6 inches tall with a bit of space between the two sides. I’ve stuffed a light up inside it as I stuff it on top of the tree.


Do an Google image search for “unusual Christmas tree toppers”. You will not be disappointed. This one was my favorite.
There were a lot of classy tree toppers too. I saw a white top hat with a peacock feather that was lovely.


Also not Christian. This is the tree topper to our big tree… when we have room for a tree. We haven’t been able to set up any tree at all for three years now. The entire tree is filled with animal ornaments. Mostly woodland animals, but there is a rogue Raphael from TMNT, and an Elvis as well :joy:

This is our small tree that is my husbands. He used to have a hard time getting into the holiday mood. I made him a bunch of video game ornaments, and it now gets him excited to set up the tree. Again, haven’t been able to in a while. But maybe next year!

Whatever you do pick, please share here! :hearts:


As a fellow non-Christian I have also gone for non-stars on the top of my trees over the years. I have used a Barbie in a fancy red dress, a Bigfoot action figure with “angel” wings stuck on his back, and these days a glittery stag head. I honestly think it’s mostly about scale than style.


Thanks for the ideas! Especially the quick hearts idea. :slight_smile:

I love vintage stuff. I’m sure people hang onto those tightly. It would probably be hard to find them!

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Thats a great idea! Definitely on the list as a possibility

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I do like the idea of a weird animal with the hat! The santa is really cute and I like that he’s blue.

Really great ideas! Your peacock comment made me laugh. I wish I could attach this vintage angel I have but I have legit no idea how to safely attach it because the base is made out of a book and its conical with a flat bottom.

I love her so much and I don’t want her to break. I wish I could figure out how to make those super cute heads from the seventies like that. They just don’t have anything like it now.

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