Ideas for a world globe

Hi, I acquired a world globe recently and am looking for ideas. There does not seem to be a whole lot online, or they are repetitive. I am not good with drawing or painting, better with assembling. Recently I saw pumpkins painted in the style of Chinese pottery, blue scenes on a white background, so I hoped to mimic that Chinoiserie look. I bought some food napkins from the Caspari brand but they got too wrinkly using Alene’s Tacky Glue as the glue. I will try again with Mod Podge, but does anyone have any other design ideas? I hope to keep the elements flat so that the globe still spins. Thanks for any tips or ideas!


I really like the ones that are painted with chalkboard paint!

What about doing a “masterboard” style paint job as a base and then choose a word to print in a ton of different languages (like a greeting, or something) then mod podging the words over where the language is spoken? You could put a pin in a few spots as guides if your globe has mountain ridges to keep the places in the “right” spots or just choose a starting place once it’s painted and dp your own map.

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I made this from a split world globe for Halloween years ago

I love chinoiserie, am working on a mini scene in the Chinese style.

Did you peel the layers of the napkins apart before gluing?

I don’t have any great suggestions to add, but seeing @marionberries’s pumpkin and reading @steiconi’s questions reminded me that I did napkins on pumpkins and that made me think that searching for projects people have done with foam pumpkins/funkins might give you more inspiration than globe searches.