Ideas for a world globe

Hi, I acquired a world globe recently and am looking for ideas. There does not seem to be a whole lot online, or they are repetitive. I am not good with drawing or painting, better with assembling. Recently I saw pumpkins painted in the style of Chinese pottery, blue scenes on a white background, so I hoped to mimic that Chinoiserie look. I bought some food napkins from the Caspari brand but they got too wrinkly using Alene’s Tacky Glue as the glue. I will try again with Mod Podge, but does anyone have any other design ideas? I hope to keep the elements flat so that the globe still spins. Thanks for any tips or ideas!


I really like the ones that are painted with chalkboard paint!

What about doing a “masterboard” style paint job as a base and then choose a word to print in a ton of different languages (like a greeting, or something) then mod podging the words over where the language is spoken? You could put a pin in a few spots as guides if your globe has mountain ridges to keep the places in the “right” spots or just choose a starting place once it’s painted and dp your own map.

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I made this from a split world globe for Halloween years ago


I love chinoiserie, am working on a mini scene in the Chinese style.

Did you peel the layers of the napkins apart before gluing?

I don’t have any great suggestions to add, but seeing @marionberries’s pumpkin and reading @steiconi’s questions reminded me that I did napkins on pumpkins and that made me think that searching for projects people have done with foam pumpkins/funkins might give you more inspiration than globe searches.

I have seen these too. I admit I do like the look of a bright font or gold lettering on a black background.

Another crafter chose to put butterflies on the geographical areas they came from, which is kind of in the same vein.

Looks like it took some work to cut that globe! I would like to keep mine intact. I like how your painting technique looks though. Both the pumpkin and the stem. What did you do with the globe hardware?

Yes, it was a three-ply napkin and I did peel it to a one-ply. I think that was a mistake as it was too thin and the globe features showed through as well. If I tried this again I might leave it three-ply or glue some other paper on it first as a base.

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I will check this idea, thank you!

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Or paint the globe white before adding the decoupage.

Semi related: Ages ago, I read a tip to spray paint the back of pictures cut from magazines, to hide the printing on the back. I don’t think I ever tried that.

Or put them on a piece of black paper. That’s what I do when framing old book pages.

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