I'll have a pink Christmas

I noticed that I have a lot of pink christmas trees, so I displayed them all together this year. I particularly like a couple that are in domes (picture at the end of post). Next thing I knew, I had some pink trees, and a dome, and went for it…

the finial and base are 3D printed.

It was all a little…pink, so I added white to the base and trees; paint, and pearls, and tiny clear beads, then more paint. Still too pink, so I added diamonds. Those are real diamonds, not just fakeo plastic from the dollar store.
And it needed a critter; I had this tiny bear, a big dalmatian dog, a yellow camel, and a blue plastic monkey…no contest.

And it fits right in with the collection


So pretty! And fannnnncy with all those real diamonds!


What a fun collection!

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Pretty! I love the pink trees.

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Oh my goodness. My pink loving daughter would flip over your display. So pretty!

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How lovely! I love stuff like this and you executed it perfectly.

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