IllinoiS shirt

Growing up in the Midwest, it never seemed strange to me that Illinois ended with a silent S. Then we moved to the Western Slope of Colorado and people would say to me, “so where in Illinoyz are ya from?” I designed this shirt in my head about 10 years ago. Back then I was cutting stencils out of freezer paper and spouncing with screenprinting ink, and I never got around to making it a reality. Then we moved back to the Midwest and it’s not an issue here, obviously!

So when my high school friend moved to Oregon and told me she never hears anyone say it right, I sat down with my software and finally made it happen. I’m really proud of the things I learned with this project. My big issue was getting the state border to go away under the letters, and merge the outer edge of the letters with the state border so there weren’t cut lines where they overlapped. I didn’t even know how to word a Google search for that, so I gave up and figured it out myself, yay!

She loved it!


I’m Canadian and know how to say it properly, shame on those in Colorado :smiley:

But then again, I met a man in Georgia a few years ago who didn’t know where Montana was.


YEY! This is so fun! BTW I was born and raised in Oregon and was taught about the silent S. That said, I do like to break out the Strongbad pronounciation of “ill-een-wah” sometimes for fun!

I was in NYC in 2000 at a Yankees game and the local guy sitting next to me thought Oregon was “by one of the Dakotas.” I told him “it’s between California and Seattle.”


Hilarious! And appreciated by a midwesterner.

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So funny! And good job on figuring out the merging issues. I will be working on a project and think I have it all figured out until I go to print it out :woman_facepalming:

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The " " i ilent?

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I felt kind of dumb when I realized releasing the path didn’t turn everything black, it just moved the layers around. All I had to do was bring the faces of the letters back to the front :woman_facepalming:t3:

This is awesome and hysterical.

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