Illuminated Broom Machine Embroideries

When I saw this pattern from Urban Threads I knew I had to stitch it, but had no idea for whom. A week or so later a few friends and I decided in the spirit of the season, to hold our own mini Witchy Swap between us. After digging around online to make sure suitable hoops to display the work existed, I downloaded it and set to work. I gave the recipients the choice of a finished hoop, or an unfinished piece of fabric, that they could work into a project of their own. Two chose hoops, and one chose unfinished.

A lightly Hufflepuff inspired version, with a bright yellow swirl, and silver broom.

A subtle Gryffindor inspired rendition, with a deep red swirl and golden brown broom.

And one in the suggested colors of metallic gold swirl and white broom. Thanks to @sheepBlue for the picture!


Ooh, I like this! When I see designs like these, I immediately think of them stitched onto long shirt sleeves and then wonder what else could be done with them. I like the idea of hooping them and using them as decor. These came out really nice. That dark background is perfect!



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These are each stunningly beautiful, but Gryffindor FTW! :heart: :lion: :yellow_heart:

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Each one is stunning on it’s own and pictured here together they are even more so!

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