I'm Pickle Riiiiick

My DH has been playing around with his 3D printer and surprised me with a life-sized figurine of Pickle Rick. Gotta say, I was pretty amused. Now that he’s painted, I can’t help but giggle every time I look at him. Even my kids are occasionally breaking out into choruses of, “I’m pickle Riiiiick!” And, that is hilarious.

He printed it using wood PLA. So, I sanded off the printing lines and rough spots and painted it.

I didn’t have the right colors on hand, so I mixed paint to match the cartoon as best I could manage. The main color should have been more of a yellow green, but I was working with a limited supply of paint (definitely going to treat myself to a few bottles of paint in the near future).

For reference:



Lol! Love it!

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ha ha How funny…great paint job with what you had on hand…easily recognizable as Pickle Riiiick!

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I don’t even know who Pickle Riiick is, but this guy is hilarious!


I was expecting a pickle Christmas tree ornament!

Nice paint job; I think it would look great with a glossy finish.

I’ve been using sharpie markers to color white PLA; you can even blend the colors for great effects. I haven’t even opened my wood PLA.

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Wow! I love the painting job you did on the already stellar model.
Super cool!

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I will probably seal it eventually, but it’s too cold for that right now.

The wood PLA has such a great texture, and it smells like singed sawdust as it prints. I’ve been wondering how the glossy PLA would take paint, but sharpies are a great idea! I’ll have to give that a shot.

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