Inchie House Template

A long time ago on a site we no longer mention there was a template for an inchie house. Does anyone still have that or something similar? I went to the site and the only thing that works is the landing page.

Oh man. I checked, you’re right. I have been revisiting to find things I know are there. I wish I had pinned my own projects, ack. I feel a bit sick now.

A techy friend I work with told me people had started copying Cster pages to the way-back machine the day the shut down was announced so things may still be saved… somewhere.

I have one…

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Oh! Thanks! I haven’t gone to the site for some time, now it just makes me sick. All those years, down the drain, so easily.

I went there a lot to look up old partner projects, profiles, and tutorials…I wish they had given us some warning…I would have printed out a lot more stuff…all of the stuff on pinterest no longer links anymore…I wish Pinterest had purchased the site just to keep the content alive…

I just went and was able to search and click around.

This swap had a link to a Pinterest board that was delete

But this swap looks like it has some templates too

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I think it must we must have gone in at the wrong moment…maybe they were updating or moving files, etc. It is also working for me as well now, but it definitely gave us the 404 error…

I have a Pinterest board for Inchie Templates from when I used to host a Halloween Inchie House Swap on cster.

I had made my own patterns way back. See the attachment, I had to convert to a picture so check the size when printing. Use as you please. Inchies are fun and don’t take up much space. Love the little things.

There are tall ones and short ones and round ones and hexagon ones and ones with a dome roof. Have fun.


Ohhh! Thanks everyone! Yeah, it was weird-when I went to C-ster the landing page was the only thing working everything else I got an error message on. I tried pinterest links too and got an error message.

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