Inchies times sixteen

I made some inchies for a discord swap while we were waiting in limbo for Lettuce Craft to open :slight_smile: I quickly realized that I hadn’t made inchies in Y-E-A-R-S!!! :astonished: Thankfully one of my partners had chosen “artist choice” as one of her themes so I didn’t stress too much and just started inching and followed my creative instincts. Then I found that a lot of the ones I made fit into both my partners’ themes so it wasn’t too difficult to come up with the required eight each :slight_smile:

And here they are!

Thanks for looking :kissing_heart:


These are great!! I especially like the ones where you’ve incorporated text :smile:

Those are my favorite too :smile: I started cutting interesting words/word groups out of old books and am making them into stickers for papercrafting. I found that the older the book the more delicate the sticker (thankfully I had the same word twice when the sticker broke) :wink:

Very nice!

So adorable, and how great that you didn’t have to stick to a theme and just let inspiration roam free

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