Incire-A Little Known Craft

I discovered incire a few years back at a craft show. It’s a method of cutting paper so that when some cut elements are folded, they can be tucked to the element next to it, making a lacy effect. Sometimes this is also called “lace” and not incire, which makes it difficult searching for it online. There does seem to be metal dies and probably cutting patterns for this craft, but I have not seen many finished examples of it online. On the old site, the user from this blog posted her Christmas Tree pattern (sorry, I’ve forgotten her username there), and I’ve found one or two sites with finished examples. But otherwise, sites just sell patterns and there seems to be an out-of-print book by Nellie Snellen.

I hand cut a very basic incire pattern (just diagonal slits) to make these greeting card hands (or you can imagine them as gloves with stitching). It’s nice to use paper with a contrasting color beneath so the effect stands out when the incire is tucked and folded.

I also used a piece of the same incire pattern on these cards, just a larger piece of it with a contrasting color glued on the back.

And here is another card style using cardstock with a different color on both sides, but basically using the same diagonal cutting.

For these last few I found patterns online that I traced by hand and cut. It was more difficult cutting these by hand, even with small scissors.


These are beautiful! Your cuts are so neat and tidy. I love the color combos.


I’ve never heard of this, and it’s beautiful


I’ve never heard of this but the results are beautiful!

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That’s a unique technique that I also had never heard of. I really like the diagonal cutting ones.

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These are so pretty and SO neatly done! I can’t image the time and skill it takes. They are beautiful!

These are so neat! I inadvertantly tried something like this, when I picked a Valentine’s card design to cut on my Silhouette last year, but I was terrible at the folding. (I was trying to use one cardstock and one regular weight paper, and they did not want to play nicely together.) You make me want to go back and get it right!

These are wonderful! I have made a hand one before but nothing this beautiful.

What a cool craft and you’ve really used it to a great advantage with your projects!


… I see what you did there. :upside_down_face:

Oooh interesting. I’m intrigued! I don’t entirely understand how this works but it’s gorgeous.

How neat! The darker background does work really well to show off the design! I like how you outlined the flowers, it makes the design pop even more!

What a cool technique!

Thanks for sharing this- I’d never heard of it either!

Oh wow, that’s so cool!

Very cool! I haven’t heard of it either, but now I’d like to try.

What a neat technique! They all look very pretty.

This is so cool! It looks meditative, and I like how uniform it all it. I also hand paper-cut, so this is appealing to me.