Independence Day Star Wreath

I used up A LOT of scrap fabric with wreath. Woot! Woot!


What a fun way to use up RWB scraps!

Thanks! Rag wreaths aren’t my favorite, but I bought a star wreath frame on clearance after Christmas and it made the most sense. Our tiny town has a huge 4th of July festival and you can’t just NOT decorate around here. :smile:


Great way to bust stash! And a great use for that star-shaped wreath form.

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The perfect shape and colors, with a little country whimsy thrown in. Perfect for the 4th! And stash busting to boot!

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How fun! I spent some crafting time with a friend making a few round wreaths like this. One was for Valentine’s Day and the other was for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m going to send her a pic of this.

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Very patriotic and right in time for the Fourth. I am sure this will be a hit!