Indoor water fountain


the top and middle of this post is for context to the project… the bottom details the kind of material i need.

and thats why im here… to ask for help in finding a material for my project…

this video is to show a material im looking for.
in it he uses a ‘foam board’ to create the structure around which the rocks and water will flow.
because he has the material submerged i am hoping it is water proof.

my project requires the ability to bond with adhesives and also to be water proof so that the water can not weaken the strength of the material as it will be holding up to a gallon or more of water, that being the heaviest bit.

i have a corner shelf. Attached to the underside is a reservoir that holds the water and pump. attached to the top of the shelf are walls sloping up from the corners that form the hypotenuse to the right angle that goes back to the corner of the wall. (sorry for being technical, i dont have pictures to show)

So my first material was a foam board only it was not water proof or resistant. it had a paper layer on the outside of the board. i tried to paint the silicon over it to hold the water back, but as thorough as i was the water managed to find its way through the silicon and ruin the foam board during a test run.

other waterproof materials i attempted simply did not hold a strong bond with the silicon or super glue for that matter.

all in all, i need a waterproof material that is cheap, can be cut into shapes easily without power tools, and hopefully works well enough with adhesives to hold its structure under the weight i will be subjecting it to. i am rather clever if i need to engineer a design to make the structure more stable… but i just have no luck searching for materials or rather a lack of knowledge in that department.

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Welcome, Mike! That looks like a nice ambitious project and if you are into aquariums, a fun one as well.

Did you click on his materials list? It looks like the foam board that he purchased is polystyrene…here is the link he had under his materials list. I checked out some of his other videos as well and the materials lists are similar with other links as well.

Weatherproof foam core

You could start there as there are several similar products and once you get the name, maybe you can google it to find other companies that sell it.

He also lists the adhesive he used…

Pretty cool stuff…and probably useful information for anyone wanting to make some sort of water feature maybe in other crafting areas as well!

Hope you will post your finished product!