Inexpensive mixers for doughs

I’ve been pondering over this question/idea for years, and, well, I keep putting it off. So, without further ado (adius…adoodoo…whatever), lets have a discussion on inexpensive mixers and other machines.

  1. A noodle mixing machine (can’t read the company and model, and I don’t feel like getting it down at the moment, heh). functions like a bread machine, but much much smaller. Probably only able to mix 1+1/2 cups flour.

It’s alright for noodles, but not very useful for much else. It was a gift, so I didn’t have to buy it, too.

One thing I really like is it has rubber suctions for the feet so it doesn’t move around a lot.

  1. Sunbeam Mixmaster, Heritage Series.

It sucks. It’s just awful and will dance like it’s posessed if it has too much dough in it. (3+ cups of flour, O_o).

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I got a nice Kitchen Aid mixer as a gift when I was doing a lot of baking. It’s great and I love it! A real workhorse. It’s not inexpensive, but my husband said he kept his eye out and caught a really good sale.

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I also have a Kitchen Aid mixer…er, I did…my sister bakes and cooks more than I do so I gave it to her…but it is a workhorse and did everything from making noodle dough to grinding meat with attachments. I loved it because it was heavy and could use glass or metal bowls.

I also had a Sunbeam stand mixer…it nearly fell off the counter when I used it for anything more than light mixing like cake mixes…gave that away as well.

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Yeah, I’ve had my eyes on some of the classic designed kitchenaid ones, but unfortunately, I just never had the money for something that pricy. Came close lots of times, heh.

Edit: I just remembered there was a Bosch model that wasn’t too pricy that had a lot of good reviews. Anyone ever use one of those?

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There are cheaper KitchenAids and Cuisinarts - usually smaller/less power - but I went with both a KitchenAid stand and hand mixer (and immersion blender too) because they are still supposed to use more durable insides - when I went cheaper - like Black and Decker, they did not last, and when I did more research, it seems like KitchenAid ( and I think Cuisinart) still uses mostly metal parts inside the casing so they are more durable. I bought my stand mixer when it was on sale for $199 CDN, my hand mixer on sale - I think it was about $50, and I think it was about the same for the immersion blender too.

I love my stand mixer so much I named her. Emma is well loved - she is fabulous when I am making a billion cookies in the Fall. Also she is warm and cozy in a cover made by a fellow Craftster.

Keep in mind, if you have the counter space for a stand mixer - you can also buy the accessories for them too to make them into pasta rollers, meat grinders, ice cream churns, etc.


I’m going to say KitchenAid too. I saved for a long time but it was worth the money. Where I live you can find them on the used market quite often and most of them are nearly new (they are popular wedding presents but they take up a lot of counter space if you don’t cook)

Alternatively I know a friend of mine uses a bread making machine for kneading. It doesn’t actually bake well so sne bakes in the oven but the kneading part works fine. I’m pretty sure she got that machine for free from someone.


I’ll agree. This is one brand that is worth spending the money. My kitchen aid mixer is 25 years old and still going strong and there was a time where I used it constantly (ex-cake decorator). I would keep my eyes open at thrift stores and look on facebook market or craiglist for people getting rid of theirs.


another vote for kitchen aid. I’ve burned out cheaper mixers making batches of cookie dough. Mine was a christmas gift and gets to live on the kitchen counter. I also have a noodle maker, in a cupboard somewhere. but i rarely plan ahead enough to use it. Last time I made beef and noodles, I just bought them from the store. I do occaisonally use my breadmaker , but not often enough to earn it counter space


Hate to say it, but if I could even save enough for a cheap/used one I’d just continue save and go to a doctor and find out why I hurt so much, heh. I get between 40 and 250 saved before something happens and I lose it all, heh. So I think I’ll just stick with what I have until they break down then perhaps just throw in the towel.

However, I still think this is a good topic.

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Who knows, it might magically appear one day. I hope so (so you can use your money to go to the doctor, as a European that’s not a situation I can even imagine!).

My KitchenAid is probably the only kitchen appliance that I bought new. Everything else was free. Other people buy and replace lots of stuff and they think of me before sending it to landfill. Just yesterday I was offered a set of pots and pans to replace my wornout set. My handheld mixer (a luxury one with a vegetable chopper thing that I use a lot) was a gift from someone who won it in a contest, even the cupboard that I keep my pots and pans in was a freebie. I used to not have money when I was younger and picked up a lot of free stuff. Now I have a bit more money, but when people offer me something that I could use I still accept it. (I do tell people there’s no financial necessity anymore, I just hate to see good stuff go to landfill).


Well, I certainly hope you can get some medical help…to decide between buying an appliance and your health sucks.

I am sure you have already researched anti-inflammatory diets? I quit eating sugar and refined foods, including pasta and breads and it seemed to control my arthritis. Being in pain all the time is miserable, and frankly, most doctors guess so that leaves people doing their own research. Good luck…you need to be spending time making your cute cat things!!!

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Welp, turns out the last doctor I saw just reamed me hard, so I’ll have to put my health and the utensils aside for about 2 years now, instead of one. Who knew making a payment wasn’t making a payment and still making a payment, O_o.

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