Inkbox Cards

There’s a new trend of “Inkbox Cards” they are 3x3” squares with rounded corners. They are called inkbox cards because they are the size and shape of the bottom of a Tim Holtz distressed ink pad.

I’ve seen people do 3x3” art cards before without rounded corners and call them artist tiles.

Whatever you call them I really like the size.

prompt - purple, green, turquoise

prompt - bird

prompt - green

prompt - swear word

prompt - Postage stamp person

prompt - mushroom


You are always finding awesome new art stuffs and sharing them with us! Love these. Swear word and postage stamp have got to be my faves though!


I like the size and the art work you used to do them.

Over the years, there have been so many cool shapes to use…coffee cup sleeves, tickets, ATCs, tags, etc. I have a stack of fake credit card sized things I have been collecting from junk mail. I’ll have to see if I can art up those!

The mushrooms are my favorite!

Oh, and the paper lace…I keep forgetting that I have some of that…beautiful!


And there are inchie, twinchies, betwinchies (1.5x1.5"), skinny cards (3x5" - also sometimes done as index cards), and moos (1x2 3/4"), ATCoins (2.5" circles) and rinchies (1" circles)

You gave me some paper lace when I was lamenting running out of what I had!


These are fascinating! Love the size too.


These are really cool! There is something about that square with the rounded corners of that scale that is so satisfying and then you’ve make the most of that almost-nine square inches!


Your collages are beyond cool. Love all of them! I think the sweary one may actually be my favorite.


Agree with Abbeeroad that sweary and the stamp people are my favorites.

This may have opened up a rabbit hole for me. Like, it’s basically a slightly redistributed ATC, but I’m kind of obsessed with the idea :thinking:. Thanks for sharing them!

ETA: Sweary and the Stamp People is totally the name of my new band.


It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking anything when I read this!

My favorite is the first one, personally, although they are all pretty $&@!! awesome.


These are so neat-o. Of course I love the mushrooms best, lol. They are all great though.

These are so fabulous, especially the postage stamp people one!! love it. The square format is cool!

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Those are just my type of collage. I’m always amazed at how people can make them. That bird is really neat, but I chuckled when I saw Kirk!