Inspector Arwen and the curious case of the bardot brothel

He’s getting much more inventive… he was struggling a little with this title and then I saw the lightbulb go off over his head…

So today, I have for you the most glorious (if I do say so myself because I love it) bardot top, made with a lovely wildflower georgette fabric that I got for only £1 per metre :exploding_head:

I love a top like this because my upper arms are the area I’m most self conscious of. The sleeves were actually a fair bit longer in the pattern but I wanted it more summery, and I’m not a great fan of long sleeves, so I made the upper part of the sleeve only about half the length, and also shaped it so that it would be shorter in the front.

Check out that wide sleeve ruffle goodness :heart_eyes:

And a nice back view.

I used the Lollapalooza top pattern by George and Ginger, the suggested fabric is quilters cotton or lightweight linen, but to be honest I only saw this top in a georgette or chiffon!

I have sooooo much chiffon and georgette for some reason, I’m really not sure why as I don’t use them often, but I can see many of these tops in my future. I’m actually considering making one out of this lovely turquoise open knit fabric (with teeny tiny sequins on) too, I’m not sure if it will work as well, but when I ordered it the company accidentally sent me twice as much as I paid for, so it’s no real loss if it doesn’t work eh :blush:

The only big downfall is that I just had my 5th covid jab (2nd booster) at the weekend and now my arm hurts so I can’t wear it atm, lol. I’ll have it back on in a couple of days tho :crazy_face:

… oh and I left those flip flops alone for like 10 mins before these photos, and guess who chewed one of them up (the 2nd pair of flip flops she’s tried to destroy now!)… yup it was Lady Arwen!! They are technically still wearable but part of the front of the right one has been bitten off and there are bite marks all over it!!

On the plus side tho, 2 destroyed pairs means I’ve ordered 2 new pairs, a sparkly rainbow pair and a sparkly silver pair! :grin:

“What!!! How dare you! I didn’t chew them Mum, it was someone else, shut up!!!”

Hope you like it! :dog2:
Loops xx


What a lovely shirt and I can tell Lady Arwen will be super helpful. I look forward to getting to know her.


Lovely! Looks nice and comfy and so summery!

Yay for new flip flops LOL! :laughing:


I love this shirt! I am not sure how it would drape with quilters cotton though, so I am with you on the georgette. Quilters cotton could give you some funny prints though. Ha!
It Looks great on you. I love how comfy, light, and flowy it is.
And Arwen didn’t chew up your flip flops. She is a designers. She was giving them some much needed flare! Chew marks are all the rage. Didn’t you know that?


Great top! I have trouble even imagining it with sleeves twice as long. It would also be a totally different silhouette in quilters cotton.

Lady Arwen: Mahm, your feets are just so delicious. It’s your own fault.

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The top looks great on you! And I agree- chiffon is a much better choice!

Thankfully I’ve never had a shoe-chewer dog. Just a sock hoarder (mine don’t disappear in the dryer- Sophie stashes them).

Pretty, breezy top!



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I think perhaps Mr Loops’ was just a little too “out there” with his title this time!! :wink:

@Lynx Oh I think so, she did shout at me a little for calling her out as you saw, but she definitely has the modelling gene just like Rosie did, and I think her photoshoot directing skills will come along nicely too! :wink:

@Abbeeroad I know right, I’ve got them now and they’re sooo sparkly, I’m sure they’ll be in future photoshoots, lol

@gozer Nice to know that Arwen only had my best interests at heart chewing up my flip flops, clearly she just wanted me to be more fashionable!!

@TheMistressT That’s what I thought, far too stiff for my liking. Planning to make one in an open knit, and maybe a dress version with some viscose challis I have arriving soon :grin:

@Bunny1kenobi Ha ha ha, Rosie was somewhat of a sock stealer too, but she had been known nick slippers and occasionally flip flops too, but thankfully she never chewed up anything that wasn’t hers!! Arwen however wants to chew everything she can find!


It’s beautiful! You certainly improved upon the original imho!

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Love the fabric and the pattern. Looks great on you!

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I’m in love with that fabric! It looks like a great fit, and so satisfying that you could modify the pattern to get it just how you wanted :partying_face:

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