Instant Pot tips and recipes

I am about to be the proud owner of an Instant Pot and I would love to hear your tips and advice on how to best utilise it, and also some recipes to try out would be superb!
Thanks in advance everyone :smiley:


I’m at the car dealership right now getting my cat worked on so I can give more info later when I’m at home.

Boiled eggs - yes are super easy on the stove. And yes you have to wait for the pressure cooker to come to pressure but they come out super easy to peel! I never have any issue peeling eggs cooked in the instant pot.
You need to use the metal trivet so the eggs aren’t resting on the bottom. Put in 1 cup water, any number of eggs and set for 5 minutes, when done fast release the pressure and put the eggs in cold water to stop the cooking.


Me too, me too! I just got a pressure cooker from my rewards in a recent Pampered Chef party. It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m excited to try out some recommendations!

Hard boiled eggs was one of the main reasons I got the cooker, lol. I got the metal insert, too! :grin:

I have one. We usually use it for making our dog’s food. LOL! I have made really good pulled pork and potato soup. I have a pinterest board. Making a big pot of beans is so easy!

@MareMare is the queen of the instant pot. She has made cakes in that thing!

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@PrincessP here is the short rib recipe I used. I thought 2 cups of wine was too much so i used1 cup of wine and 1 cup of broth and I left out the onion and scallion :nauseated_face: )

Here are the “sous vide” egg cups I made and the silicon egg molds I bought (which can also be used to freeze small portions of things). I have made a lot of these egg bites so I feel the molds were worth it.

The other think I make a lot of are refried beans and I freeze them. This is the recipe I use. I leave out the onion and I use garlic infused oil instead of real garlic.

And of course I use my instant pot to cook up a bunch of chicken or beef to shred and freeze

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For a while I only used mine to make this:
We started referring to it as the spaghetti machine :laughing:
I’ve since used it for other stuff too - mashed potatoes and hummus, for example.
I’m going to have to try hard boiled eggs.

psst-- your sous vide egg cup link goes to the short ribs recipe again. :frowning_face:
Fixed, thanks! :green_heart:

oops. I fixed it. Thanks.

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I think the instant pot makes the best rice. Rinse however much rice you want to make until the water runs clear. Dump in pot, add an equal amount of water or broth. 1:1 ratio if you rinse the rice. Add salt if you want. High pressure for four minutes. Let pressure down naturally for ten minutes (can wait longer) before opening. (This only works for white long grain varieties.

I love this web site:

Cooking chicken from frozen is also awesome!


I will definitely have to try rice! I always forget to start it early enough to be done when the rest of the meal is…


What’s your tips for cooking chicken from frozen? That sounds good!

I mainly use mine to cook steel cut oats :joy:

3c water, 1c steel cut oats (don’t stir before closing lid). Cook on high for 4 min, natural pressure release. Serve with frozen blueberries, cinnamon, almond slices, and a touch of brown sugar. So good!


That sounds good! My partner loves oats so I’ll definitely have to make these for him :smiley:

We mostly make mac and cheese in ours. :joy: But, I do like it for making dog food and pulled pork/chicken.

I have made this caramel dip (great for apples), and it was so good.

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@kittykill @tendstowardschaos how do you make dog food?

I throw a bag of frozen chicken in the IP with some water, cook and shred. Then, I add veggies and cook until soft. I cook the rice on the stove. Mix, portion, freeze.

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I think I might give this a go for Hound dog, thanks!

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No problem! The veggies I’ve used are carrots, peas, green beans, pumpkin, butternut squash, and broccoli. There are great lists out there on what is safe/not safe for dogs.

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For the dog food we shred boiled chicken, mashed veggies and potatoes. It’s all cooked up. You need to be careful with broccoli and cauliflower, it can cause the pups to have tummy troubles. It does for one of our dogs, but the other two are fine. We got the recipe from our homeopath vet. I have a few recipes that our vet gave us. I can email you. This one works best for our pups. We also give them vitamins.


ooo…mac and cheese! My son is living off that since he got braces, lol.

The other day his friend was here at dinner time and I overheard him tell my son how his mom put special ingredients in her home-made mac and cheese. My kid was eating Kraft. :roll_eyes: Maybe I can manage to do my own “special” mac and cheese now. :laughing: