Bacon and Cheese Egg Bites

I really like Starbucks Bacon and Gruyere sous vide egg bites but I don’t go out often these days and I always thought they were pricey.

But I have an instant pot. So I got some silicon egg molds and made my own egg bites

made 12 egg bites and they are small. probably 4 of them are equal to 2 of the Starbucks ones.

I altered the recipe that came with the molds.
4 eggs
4 pieces cooked bacon
1 cup shredded cheddar (I used white cheddar so my bites are pretty pale)
1/2 cup cottage cheese (I used lactose free)
1/4 cup milk (again lactose free)
salt and pepper

spray the molds. crumble the bacon and sprinkle in the cups. Mix everything else in a bowl and pour in the milds. Don’t fill more than 3/4 full.

put 1 cup water in your instapot/electric pressure cooker, add the mold on their rack. Close pot, cook on the steam setting for 8 minutes and then do an instant release

They are puffed up when they first come out but deflate some as they cool.

Next time I am going to cut back on the dairy and add an extra egg or 2.


You’re a genius!

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my tummy just grumbled with excitement! Thanks for the recipe

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Looks yummy!

Those look delicious! They are one of my “someday I’ll perfect” wishlist recipes. How was the tang? I made some once and felt the recipe called for too much cottage cheese. Would you keep the amount of cottage cheese you have listed/halve it/etc?

@Redheadedblonde I didn’t think they were too tangy. But that doesn’t bother me. If I cut back on anything it will be the cheese. Most recipes I saw called for 1.5 cups for only 4 eggs. I only used 1 cup and while they weren’t too greasy I think maybe I’d prefer less cheese and more egg.

Also most recipes I saw called for blitzing the egg mix in the blender and I didn’t do that.

I’m going to experiment and make another batch this weekend

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How did you go with your recipe experimentation @geekgirl ? Any updates or tips? I’m putting the silicon molds on my Christmas wishlist :wink:

The very first recipe where I used the recipe that came with them came out with the best texture and closest to the egg bites I’ve had at Starbucks. When I play with the ratios of dairy they are still tasty but don’t have that rich creamy texture.

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