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Word. Art is subjective. One of my sisters doesn’t value the things I make. I think she’d have more respect for it if I sold things but I know for a fact that would take time, care, etc out of my creations if I had to think about making them profitable. They would be less valuable, not more!
Yes, this is art in my eyes. Everything about it is awesome.


When I made flags with the kids at school, I called them “Wish flags”. And I agree with the above discussion - we are curating our book collection to remove some of the old favorites that are in fact racist or just plain wrong. I’ll admit some were favorites of mine but as AIMR said - we learn and we grow. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it’s easy.


Yes it was a big opinion.

I too am mindful of my language and try really hard not to use those abelist terms. My work is very age divided right now, with a bunch of us over 40 and a bunch under 30. The under 30 years olds say ‘hectic’. I don’t know if it is a conscious thing that the new generation are doing.

Oh and btw @Magpie, don’t you know your mushrooms are soooo 2014?


Our kids use the word "random’ a lot, for all sorts of things.

See, according to that article mushrooms are valid for me as an ongoing theme. Like monsters for @Kwality570 or eyeballs for @sheepBlue or birds for @Lynx or randomly starting deep, thoughtful topics of conversation for @AIMR :kissing_smiling_eyes:. But if we started using something new, she would ask us our history with that symbol & question it if she considered it “glib”. If she was the instructor for a class we were going to, I guess that would be her purview.


I am thankful to be in a group that attempts to be mindful of others and yet are sensible enough to still do what each of us feels is right.

I truly do associate certain members with certain themes as listed by @magpie. I start recognizing themes and styles and are inspired by them. I am an eclectic crafter…I make what I like and tend to use no specific theme or style. I am not trying to develop a brand or style, just have fun and enjoy what I do.

I think life is too short to overthink a lot of things…there is a balance and each one of us has to find that for ourselves.

That being said, I do find irreverent art to be disturbing on a lot of levels, but I still like it and think the artist has something to say. Maybe it is just to shock but sometimes we need that as well. I continue to make my Madonna shrines for my own pleasure but I don’t post them much anymore as I do not want to offend…I am not Catholic nor religious…I just like the process and the look.

Let’s do a “Fartist Flag Swap”!


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I love this affirmation flag, I love this discussion, and I love this community! :sparkling_heart:

The thoughtful discussion about appropriation of symbols and being careful with language is great. But that commenter calling people fauxrtists and judging about whether things are “good art” really bugs me too - I think because it can stop people from being creative. It makes me really sad when people feel they aren’t “allowed” to make art because they’re not “good enough” at it.

I like what Kurt Vonnegut said about art - it’s a way to make your soul grow. He wrote this letter to school kids (you might already know it) Kurt Vonnegut on art making your soul grow


Thanks for sharing his perfect reminder! We already have enough to deal with without being judged on what brings us joy.

I am also happy that people here continue to encourage and inspire us… :heart:


I think I have read this before but it always can be read again (and again and again and again).

“Experience becoming” - got me right in my gut.

Thank you for countering the part of the article that bothered me, too!