"iPad" Novelty Notebook

I wanted to make a little something more to include in a swap package and was searching for ideas. A friend suggested that notepads are always handy and since the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Halloween - is coming, I thought this paper would make a great Eye Pad!

I filled it with plain printer paper and then flipped through to randomly add various stamped images just for funsies. (a small selection below)

I used my Bind-it-all to punch the holes and close the wire rings. I love that thing.


This is all kinds of awesome! I love this idea!

This is great, love it!

:eye: :eyes: :eye:

This is fabulous (and I covet your tree stamp.)

Ooh. Love the cover image and that you stamped the pages. They look so professional.

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Thanks everyone! DAD JOKES 4EVAH!

It was fun to use a bunch of stamps that I love, but don’t get to use much.

That is one of my oldest stamps! I have had that for probably 25 years!

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Holy crow - I thought you bought that! Profesh wrapping and it is so perfect!!!

“Eye” pad. I see what you did there. Hahaha

Thanks, pals!

Haha! YEY! On the back where it says TMT Edition, that’s for The Mistress T! I made similar for my nieces last year for back to school and modified the package. :wink:

That joke never gets old! :crazy_face:


Freaking love this! Love the paper and the random stamps.

And I thought it was purchased, too!

Freankin awesome. Love the random stamped images. They are such a fun addition.

Thanks everyone! There were many more stamped pages than shown, because I have many weird stamps. Here are a few more.

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