Is there a non-craft related category

Just wondering if there could be a non-craft chatty section for off-topic/non crafty chatty stuff?

There’s the lounge, keep posting/liking etc. The magic will reveal itself. :star_struck:

Man - this is like a scavenger hunt - a lounge, huh??? I hope there are drinks and appies :slight_smile:

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With this crew? LOL you better believe there is! :partying_face:

Yes! As Some_Girl mentioned, the Lounge is available to Level 3 members. I’ve temporarily lowered it to Level 2 for awhile, so we can all get situated and active. Complete the discobot training in your personal messages, participate on the forums and additional categories & features unlock. :woman_mage: It’s a fun way to encourage crafty community participation and for me to keep an off-topic category (free!).