Italian roll bowls with chicken and gouda sauce

I didn’t want to over heat them for the grandkids, so they were put in the over at 400° for around 8 minutes.

Here’s a bowd ready to be filled.

The rolls were made with some sauted garlic an. onion, along with some oregano, marjoram, and thyme.

The pasta is made with 1 cup each of milk and heavy cream, gouda, spinach, garlic, green onion, parsley, thyme, oregano, marjoram, fennel, white wine, chicken, aged asiago, and topped with mozarella and cheddar when baking. Then topped with parmesan.

This was so good. holy moly, it was good. :grinning:


Looks delish! Your cooking posts always make me crave bread and cheese…

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Sounds decadent!

Amazing! Looove a good bread bowl. Bet it was a hit with the grands!

Sounds delicious!

:mountain_snow: :medal_sports: Congratulations! This stand out project is featured this week! :medal_sports: :mountain_snow:

You had me at gouda… and even though I just ate, my mouth is watering! I never would have considered turning regular Italian rolls into a bowl, but I am now tucking that idea away for future possibilities!