It's a bit wonky Art Class bowl

The good news on this one is that it is supposed to be the bigger of a nesting bowl set, at 2 lbs, and it is a bowl.

Sadly, or amazingly, it is quite wonky. It reminds me of a dog bowl, or a conductor’s hat when turned upside down.

It came out of the kiln “talking,” so I believe some crazing happened. It makes popping noises. It’s base accidentally got built bigger than the batt used. It’s got some cracking, too, but it’s wonky and fun.


It is super fun! And nice work on the lettering, that can’t have been easy to do.

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Great personality!

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How fun!

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I think it’s quite charming! Great colors and lettering, too.


Good colours, cute bird. What more can you ask of a little dish? The “talking” is extra cool.