Its awesome Dollar tree craft stuff time!

They have awesome Halloween and Christmas stuff at Dollar tree right now! Get them early or all the good stuff will be gone!

I will be making the bat look more realistic and mummify it. The snow globes will probably have something weird in it. We’ll see. And I’m using the star as a canvas.

They have these really great faux-book boxes that I think would be great for miniature scenes!!!

I dunno, just a heads up, you guys, since I know you’ll love those boxes! They all come in like 4 sizes. :smiley:


I LOVE the Dollar Tree holiday goodies!

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Oh! I saw some similar book boxes in the Target dollar spot.

Oh my goodness! Gotta get to Dollar Tree!

I’ll be going into town later today anyway and was thinking of popping in there. So thanks for the heads up.

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