It's Log! A Gift Box

I have had the cut files for this cute log box for awhile and getting this new bark-like embossing folder inspired me to finally make it.

Having made it, I don’t think the realistic embossing goes well with the cartoony cut ends, so I will tweak my options for the next time.

It’s about 3" / 7.6cm in diameter and 3 7/8" / 9.8cm long.



The svg files are by Lori Whitlock and are a part of the set that the tree and canoe in this post or from.


Ooh, I used to love Lori Whitlock designs back in my Silhouetting heyday! This is such a fun little gift box! I really like all that texture on the side of the log, it definitely provides a realistic effect, but I can see what you mean about the top being cartoony in comparison to the sides. I’ll be curious to see how you address that the next time around (cartoony bark swirls on the side?). Also, I love your photos of this little log among the larger logs!

Thank you! I have a way already to make the ends more realistic, but it would mean a lot more effort. My current stash of embossing folders doesn’t include something that would work for cartoony bark, which would be a lot quicker. The speed would only matter, because I’m thinking of doing these with some extra embellishments as place cards for Thanksgiving (for 7). Hmmmm. :thinking:

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UPDATE: I found an embossing folder that I think will work for cartoony bark! It’ll be here in a week or so.


Yay! I thought I might have something for you, but when I checked it turned out that 1. Apparently it was a supply that belonged to my mom, since I don’t have it here and 2. After finding an example, it didn’t even have the cartoon look that I thought it did, lol. I’m glad you found something that’ll work!

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Awww, thanks so much for your efforts for me!

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These are really cute and what a great idea to send instead of regular Thanksgiving cards!

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Oh my gosh I love this box and the photo staging is :100:

Thanks, friends!

I feel lucky that our woodpile had some freshly cut rounds on it!