Itty bitty bow

Do have to try something different for the string, and there’s no way this can exist without a wall hanging. It twists too much. All in all, though, it’s bloody awesome.


Super cool!

That is very tiny- it looks great!

So wee! Very cool!

Very cool. Can’t wait to see the itty bitty arrows!

Getting ready to cnstruct a better one, and more correct, too. It’ll be a 36 inch bow (3 inches) with 1/4 inch extra on each side as I’m going to curve the ends.

Also, I just remembered I have this trash. I found a loction many years ago where some native used to make tools (probably well over 800 to 1500 years ago, considering how hard the ground is and the depth they were buried on the hill). So if needs be, I could use them to make the arrowheads.


That is both cool and super cute. :slight_smile: What kind of wall hanging would you pair it with?

Wow, chip out some arrowheads, grab some canary feather fletching and you’re ready to shoot Tinkerbelle!


I don’t know, O_o, heh, but if this next one comes out as pretty as I hope it will, I may just do a desktop piece. Might even make it a tad easier on the arrows if I can’t get the arrowheads made. Just a cedar base, with a branch that holds the bow and the quivver of arrows would hang off of it, too.

Still don’t have an idea for the quivver (I guess it’s been a loooooooong time since I’ve bought rabbit fur. $12.99, yikes. But it does have the perfect texture, thinness, and color. Oof! Will have to really think about that.

Hoo boy, my age is showing. I read that with a comma before Tinkerbell, and heard Mr. Roper in the back of my head, HAH!

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Oh my gosh, this is going to look awesome. I wonder if I can make this one ancient Greek.



I’m going to go cry in a corner. :crying_cat_face:

Anyway, I didn’t think I put that much pressure on it, but I am way way too nervous and should have et something before messing with it. Oh well, I noticed a slight issue with bending it anyway. So I’ll want to make a jig for that. So put this off til January. I know it can be done. Just need to be more careful, heh.

Oh, and I busted the first one, too, but I needed to check on it’s pulling force anyway. I noticed it wasn’t as bowed as it should have been.

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lovely recurve!

Very cool!

:confetti_ball: Congratulations! :confetti_ball:
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