Izzy's fabulous sweater of many colors

My partner and I adopted a dog this past summer who is the sweetest companion who we love very much. I never thought I’d be the person to dress up my dog, but when we noticed that her harness was wearing bald spots under her front legs (she’s a puller, we’re working on it :upside_down_face:), we started putting her in a thin tshirt to help preserve the hair and create a barrier between her fur and the straps.

Cut to the dark season when it’s getting rather cold. Her fur is really thin on her belly and under-carriage so why not make her a sweater to help out? I had some Noro Blossom yarn in my stash, lovingly gifted/destashed from a friend, that I wanted to use up but had no idea for what project. It’s not really a texture of yarn that I could see myself wearing. But on Izzy, who absolutely disappears in the dark with her mostly black fur, oh yeah, that’ll work.

I used the Edinburgh Seamless dog sweater pattern from this Youtube video (written pattern also linked on YT). It was super simple to follow.

She doesn’t seem to sure about the stripes…

She’s new to modeling, and also wants me to get my butt in gear to take her for a walk.

I added on little sleeves that aren’t a part of the original pattern to help put more fabric in the between her and the harness. It turned out pretty great, though maybe a little tight to get off. I’ll probably make the leg holes a bit bigger next time.


It looks great! Nice work and happy doggo. :slight_smile:

Love it! Beautiful sweater & adorable doggy daughter. Ours is orange but very short-haired so a warm sweater would be good.

She looks adorable in her gorgeous new sweater! So sweet!

SQUEEEEEE! Look how cute she is in her wittoh sweatoh! ACK! It’s no secret that I all for dressing up a pup… but only if they don’t hate it and it looks like she appreciates the extra protection from her harness and the cold. YEY!

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What a good cause and the sweater is so sweet! Adorable model, too.

A beautiful sweater for a beautiful girl! It came out so nice. Well done my friend.

Thanks everyone! Izzy doesn’t seem to mind it and has even gotten into the routine so she knows when to lift her paws so I can put her sweater on and off.


I love that she knows the routine already! Great swester. :heart_eyes:

Ah, so adorable - sweater and Izzy!

Yay!! It came out so awesome!! Izzy is going to be one well styled pup!

What a cute model! The sweater is sooo cute on her, too!

Congrats on your new addition to the family, and she is quite the cutie. The sweater looks great on her. Don’t tell her it’s because she pulls or she may never stop! I can see her doing it just to get snazzy new clothes.

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:tada: :dizzy: Congratulations! This spectacular project is featured this week! :dizzy: :tada:

She’s adorable and so daper in her new sweater!