Jack Skellington Necklace

Reposted from Deadster. And in the 10 years since I made that necklace I haven’t managed to effectively use that soldering iron again. Sigh. Also, in retrospect, I think this piece works better as an ornament than a necklace.

Original Post (4/11/2014)

Lately I’ve been leaning toward embroidery and painting in my crafts. However, my partner in the Complete Nonsense swap said she didn’t want any wall art or hooplas. What she did want was jewelry. So what the heck, I decided to try indulging my artist tendencies by making a mini-canvas necklace.

I painted Jack Skellington as my partner listed Nightmare Before Christmas as one of her favorites. I finished the canvas with clear acrylic sealer to help protect it. Next I glued soft felt to the back of the canvas and then soldered the edges of the canvas and added a jump ring. It’s the first time I’ve used my soldering kit and I managed not to burn down the house or lose any limbs so I consider it a success. The solder is less than perfect, but I’m still happy overall.



And a last pic to show the size of the canvas.



Handsome Jack
Or Gentleman Jack (a mini series) I ran across while streaming.

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I like the look on Jack’s face! It’s a shame that soldering has eluded you… maybe the next time will be the right time…. :crossed_fingers:

LOVE the silver metal with the black, white and gray. The imperfect soldering compliments the aesthetic of Jack’s holiday creations! :smile: I also agree that it would make a better ornament. Your painting is very well done!

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