Jalapeño poppers

This was a joint effort between my hubby and me, and they are soooo gooood.

We used 12 large jalapeños, cut in half, took the seeds and veins out. (Not as hot that way. Leave some seeds and veins in if you like the heat!) We mixed 2 blocks of cream cheese with a regular sized package of shredded sharp cheddar. We filled the jalapeños with the cheese mixture, wrapped them in bacon and smoked them (on low, smoke only) for 30 min, then turned up the heat to 375 and cooked them for another 25 minutes. I imagine you could just do them in your oven at 375 as well.

They are quite mild and super tasty!! Probably pretty good for keto or diabetic diets, too!



They look and sound yummy! Yes, you could do them in an oven but you wouldn’t have the smoke flavour and that adds the ‘something extra’

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These look amazing!

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Thanks, guys!

Yes, the smoke does add some flavor, it’s true!

I need these in my life.


yum. sounds yummy.

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Yes, you do. They are SO. GOOD.

Thanks, everyone!

mmm yummy…always looking for delicious keto snacks! They look good enough to eat a few…dozen!!!

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These look good!

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Thanks guys!

Right?? Poppers are one of my favorite go to comfort foods. I feel like I am a popper snob. lol

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These look absolutely decadent. I have never had them wrapped in bacon bit I imagine that makes this already perfect food just heavenly. :bacon: :hot_pepper: :bacon: