January 2021 ATCs (Mostly Postage Stamps and one Butterfly)

I did these four for a swap on another site. Gelli print, washi tape, postage stamps, and one tea-tag.

“Leonardo da Vinci’s Benois Madona”

“Raphael’s Sistine Madona”

“Raphael’s Madonna del Granduca”

“Post Office Mural, Anadarko Oklahome”

And I made these three “just because” and to use up some of my stash.

“Shoot for the Stars” Illustration from a book page, postage stamp, washi tape, paper scrap, planner scrap, and text.

“Butterfly’s Dream” French book page, music page, washi tape, sticker, and chipboard embellishments. (The butterfly is from @Magpie)

“Music” Masterboard, scrap of music page, and a postage stamp.

Thanks for looking :smile:


You’ve done a great job incorporating these stamps into these ATCs!

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These are really fun! @GeekyBookworm isn’t that a fun music atc?

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The “Music” one and “Shoot For The Stars” are my faves, but they are all really cool!


Amazing use of the star illustration! I’m also super jealous of the background texture of the mural one.

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I used a comb-like thing :smile: and a few layers of paint :wink:

Oh, I really like the shape of those criss crossy masterboard bits, NICE!

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I collect Madonna with Child items to make shrines…just love those stamps!

Nice variety and again, great use of masterboards!

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Pretty. I love the iridescent sheen the first two seem to have.


They are all so great but the Be Fearless one is my fave. Great job!

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