January Swap ATCs + One for Me

You read that correctly; I made these for the January round of the Ongoing ATC swap and am just now getting them posted.

For @Lynx2Lancer for her positive affirmations theme (masterboard background by @Smmarrt):

Also for L2L, a magic wand for her…Artprompts theme? (Masterboard background by @anna.wahnsinn):

In person this might be my favorite card I’ve ever made, despite the rubbish photo.

I thought I was done claiming for the month, and then my beloved Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries popped up on @pioneer9 's list. So I made a Phryne, with one of her quotes from S1E1.

I was so happy with it that I decided to make one for myself (so Valerie, yours is now technically 1/2, if that designation is important to you). I’d never actually made anything for my own TV Sleuths collection, and I think she’ll fit right in with Zetti Jessica Fletcher, et al.

Thanks for looking!


Oh, and the reference photo I used to make a template for Phyrne’s hair:


I love all your ATCs! Phryne is very cool, of course. And I love both of the ones made with masterboards. Really nice cards; I hope you make lots more!

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These are so cool!

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My fave part is that terrific border on the last card!

They are all fun cards. I like the positive affirmations one a lot. The colors and background are really neat.

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Thanks, everyone!

Thank you for saying that, because 3/4 of it is actually a fail in terms of what I was trying to do :laughing:.

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Whaat? No! It’s sketchy wonderfulness!

I was going for the…more traditional art deco look in the top right corner for all four (like in the first Phryne card). But it was the last touch and I didn’t feel like redoing the whole card over that right now. Six months from now I probably won’t care, and if I do then I’ll look at making a new one.