Jelly Roll Race Quilt

This is, I believe, the first top I ever completed…several years ago, and finally turned into a quilt last autumn.

Didn’t have a particular who-to for it (one of the reasons the top sat on its own for so long) but figured that would present itself eventually. Now I think it has: a neighbor and friend who was very recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In surgery last week the doctors started with a laproscopic procedure in the hope of finding a limited spread, but it turned out to be fairly extensive and she was in the operating room for many hours. According to her husband the doctors feel they got everything (she’ll still have to undergo chemo or radiation) and she’s regaining her strength a bit every day.

So of course she should have a quilt and I was trying to decide what to make when I came across this one which I’d put in the linen closet for safe keeping. The subtly marbled colors of the top are lively without being juvenile or in-your-face bright, the puckery wavy diagonal quilting I find both energetic and soothing, and the back is just cheery and fun. Altogether it hopefully will bring some warmth and light and positivity to help aid her healing.


What a cheery gift! Great quilt; glad you found it such a good home.

Very pretty! I love how as crafters we can give such thoughtful gifts in times of trouble! So thoughtful!

That is a positive quilt…and given with your caring and kindness, hopefully, it will make her feel better!

I love how you made a “second” quilt by piecing the back…it is lively and fun as well! So reversible!

That is a wonderful and pretty gift!

Beautiful! I love the wavy quilting. I’m sure it will put a smile on your neighbor’s face. :slight_smile:

Oh my goodness. I love everything about this quilt. The colors are wonderful.

I really want to make one of those! Yours looks really nice, I love the colors.

I love the colors!

Gorgeous quilt and a thoughtful gift.

It’s a beauty as well as a thoughtful gift. I’m sure it’s appreciated.

Great job, I especially like the quilting … I’m sure your friend will treasure it.

Congrats! You are one of the featured projects for this week! Way to go!

Beautiful work! I love the simplicity of the design when mixed with the soothing nature of the subtle prints. Well done.

Thanks to all for your lovely comments and compliments. To be featured on top of that – a Craftster’s dream!

What a great gift! I love that it’s bright and cheerful. I hope that it brings your neighbor comfort and cheer as she goes through this difficult time!

Edited to change the first sentence from ‘What a greasy gift!’ to the intended statement of ‘What a great gift!’ @waterbaby, I promise I never thought this was a ‘greasy’ gift :grin:.

That is really lovely! what a thoughtful gift :purple_heart: