Jeremy Bearimy, baby!

As a huge fan of the brilliant, recently finale’ed TV show The Good Place, I was inspired by wereradletshug’s sweet homage (I have eleanor shellstrop's file. i do not have a cactus) to make a remembrance of my own.

If you haven’t seen the show it won’t spoil anything to say that from the very start we know that it (mostly) takes place in the afterlife. In one episode there’s an explanation of how time works there: “…while time on earth moves in a straight line…time in the afterlife…loops around and doubles back and ends up looking something like…the name Jeremy Bearimy in cursive English….” (you can watch the full explanation and see what that looks like here:

So I decided to embroider Jeremy Bearimy:

The thread has a hint of sparkle thanks to a hair-thin strand of silver which unfortunately doesn’t show up in photograph as it really adds to the overall finished product. This is the best hint at it I could get:


Since the fabric colors were dark I couldn’t transfer or trace the design so instead I printed it onto tissue paper and stuck it to the fabric by dotting on a wash-out-able glue. Spots where the glue had seeped pretty good into the paper had to be misted with water to loosened it enough to remove.




That was a great show. Love your homage piece!

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I haven’t a clue what that’s all about but no matter, still love that fabric and your excellent and very interesting stitched font!

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the dot over the i broke me.

love this!

i have the start of a jeremy bearimy cross stitch sitting on my desk right now, and seeing your completed one makes me want to get back to working on it :slight_smile: